The Update

With great honor and delights I will like to invite you to be my guest on my online talk show called THE UPDATE. This program comes up every Tuesday with different guests from different works of life and it being aired through Zoom while the audience watched it live on Facebook and YouTube.

The purpose of this program is to Educate, Encourage and Empowered people facing challenges. God gave me this vision during pandemic saying “ The lockdown was used to Update every individual, Ministries, Nations, families to rediscover themselves”. The Update is to upgrade from the old system to new, discovery of new gift &  talents including better methods to achieve it.

As we all know that whenever our device or computer works to certain level update will be required, the moment we allowed you will discovered better performance of that device or computer because better applications has been installed. The same way God has given us better application during pandemic to Update and rediscovered ourselves fir better performance